Go back to where you came from

Immigration USAWhat is more laudable than the desire to make your country great?
You should strive for your country to be a place that promotes the welfare and liberty of its people, whose inhabitants can raise their children and families knowing they will prosper, be safe and be able to voice their opinions and exercise their freedom of speech without fear of repression or oppression.
But if you want to make your country great, it is because you think that it is not so at present or that there is room for improvement.
Many people get involved in their local school, neighborhood associations, local councils, non-profit organizations and in politics to express dissatisfaction with the past or present state of their country and to do something about it. This is also where they meet other people who share their aspirations but whose perspective or convictions may differ.
The essence of democracy is the right to express one’s opinions and to petition the government for the redress of grievances.
It is not, as is increasingly the case is several countries in the Western world, to demonize private individuals or elected officials who voice their opinions or those they were elected to represent.
Telling them to take it as it is or to go back to where they came from is what bullies and fledging dictators do.
History shows us where shooting the messengers to quell their message all too often leads us.

See an evolution of the countries of origin on this map of countries of origin through since 1850