Richard Scarry Alphabet

Spelling in English

One basic skill you need when you learn a language is to be able to spell your name, place of birth, etc. Even intermediate level students sometimes have a problem with that and end up with misspelled information on official papers or mail that never reaches them because they spelled their address wrong.
This is what I use to teach my students to spell in English using the International phonetic alphabet.
Practice spelling out your name, address, place and country of birth, the names of your family members, etc.
Of course, be aware that depending on the local accent, not all letters will be pronounced exactly the same way, as is the case in any language. You can see an example of this on the Cambridge Dictionary page.
A fun way to learn to pronounce the letters of the English alphabet is to sing it. Even with my university students I sometimes use this well-known Richard Scarry video (in US English).