erwinochsThis site is the site of Erwin Ochsenmeier (a.k.a. me).

Originally, one of its goals for me to just play around with IT stuff when I had some free time. Given my present work, it now deals mostly with languages.


I was born in Belgium from a Belgian Dutch speaking mother and a German father. My mother was from the north of Ypres (Belgium), my father had emigrated from Munich (Germany) after WWII with his mom. I think most of the Ochsenmeiers are still in Bavaria and related one way or the other to each other. I grew up speaking French. I took English and Spanish at university and spent a couple of summers during my studies in the UK (Southampton and Lincoln) and in Spain (Málaga and Burgos).

Besides Brussels, I have lived in the USA (Denver and Atlanta) and had a “green card” for about 10 years. I worked as a network manager in Atlanta (USA) and as a translator part time or full time for about ten years, mostly in the technical and computer fields, both in the USA and in Belgium. We speak English at home but raised our kids in French and English.

Though I had been teaching on and off since the late 1980s, about ten years ago I decided to get a teaching degree (in Dutch) with a focus on modern languages. I now teach English at the UCL-Université Saint-Louis in Brussels. A while ago I also wrote a NT Greek course in French.

For more information on my career, see my LinkedIn profile.

My hobbies and interests besides work are IT stuff, literature and languages, anything that has to do with the USA, the UK and Germany, biking, playing guitar, cooking and photography now and then.

In addition to languages, I also keep on working on exegetical issues in the New Testament and have been working for a number of years on political and public theology, focusing, among others, on Thomas Hobbes and Sören Kierkegaard.