English Idioms – ILMH 2020

This is for my 2020 English Idioms class at Marie Haps. Resources mentioned in the course Antidode: bilingual corrector, dictionary, etc. Ankiweb: memorisation app. Slides Download the Slides (Units 1–7) used in the course to help you review the material. Other Useful Links Full description of the course on the University site.

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You Tube

Two Tips to Learn a Language with YouTube

The use of YouTube to teach or learn a language is pretty much a given today. Yet, speaking with colleagues and students, I realized that not all of them were aware that there are some features available that are really useful for language education. Here are two of them: Subtitles (or closed captions) and the […]

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EPF Sound Bank Small

Learning a Language? Improve Your Pronunciation with the International Phonetic Alphabet

You’ve done it (or you had no choice). You’ve decided to learn another language! But then, quickly, the frustration builds up. Reading and writing is going along ok, but the speaking … the pronunciation. The bane of many language learners: how to actually speak that language without making a complete fool of yourself. Two quite […]

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