Listening to English over the Internet

One of the skills one needs to work on when learning a language is listening. It is important to listen to the language you are learning in real settings, not just in excerpts from media files found in language textbooks and manuals.

There are many easy ways today to listen to English, even if you don’t know English-speaking people or don’t live in an English-speaking country: radio, cable TV, the Internet, etc.

These are some of the sites I usually recommend to my students beyond the obvious YouTube (see my Tips to use YouTube to learn languages), CNN, Ted Talks, etc.



Together with its TV counterpart PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), NPR (National Public Radio) is a public service broadcaster in the USA, funded by some tax money and support from many organizations and individuals.

NPR is non-commercial and offers a wide variety of programs. This is the radio I listen to while driving in the USA.

You can listen to the radio live on the internet (click on 24h stream on the upper right) or click on programs and podcasts that you are interested in.

If you do a search on transcripts, you will find the text of some of the podcasts or shows.



The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), established in 1922 doesn’t really need any introduction. There are many ways you can watch shows or listen to BBC programs.

Explore these sites, I’m sure you will find things to listen to that will interest you.